South Africa

Art to surf, Project Surf Art Love (self-funded)
Jeffrey’s Bay

Surf Art Love

The project Project Surf Art Love was established to support underprivileged children from Jeffrey’s Bay who wanted to surf but had no equipment. Luc and his team conducted a number of art workshops and with the children’s drawings, made stickers for surfboards and laptops. Sticker packs – which included stickers as well as information about the young artist – were then sold with the proceeds going towards surf equipment for the children. The project generated awareness and donations of equipment which supported 25 children to surf twice a week.

Funky Fences, Calabash Trust
Port Elizabeth

Charles Duna is a well-established primary school in a low-income suburb of Port Elizabeth. Flowers for Africa was invited by Calabash Trust, a local community development NGO to follow up a unique ABCD workshop that had been given to parent volunteers from the school. The aim of ABCD workshops is to shift thinking, encouraging participants to look at ‘what we do have’ as opposed to ‘what we don’t have’, and to use this mindset as a basis for development. Flowers for Africa worked with the parents and school children to create an artwork applying what they had learned in the workshop. An interactive mural was created from scrap wood, which expressed kind and inspiring words, intended as a communication channel between parents and children.

Promoting Education, Flowers for Africa (self-funded)
Wild Coast

Flowers for Africa worked with, mothers and pre-school children in Mawotsheni to paint their school with colourful designs that promoted the school and raised the profile of education in the little rural community on the Wild Coast. The project left behind new skills and a sense of pride in themselves and their school.