Community hygiene, Flowers for Africa with APTart and ACTED
Zaatari refugee camp

Zaatari refugee camp is the world’s second-largest refugee camp, hosting around 80,000 Syrian refugees who live in prefabricated structures provided by relief organisations. Flowers for Africa was commissioned to prevent the communal ablutions built by ACTED from being dismantled for private use and to increase understanding of correct hygiene practices. Around 70 children were facilitated to paint two ablution blocks with a sanitation and hygiene thematic. The project resulted in greater ownership and use of the facilities and improvement of the general atmosphere.

Sad to Happy, ACTED with APTart
Zaatari refugee camp

The entrance to Zaatari refugee camp comprises an imposing blast wall that meets all new arrivals. As part of APTart, Luc facilitated a series of workshops with refugee children to come up with their own solution to decorate the blast wall to make other children and families feel better. Their solution was to paint large friendly portraits of themselves greeting newcomers with the words “The children of the camp welcome you” in Arabic. Around 30 children covered approximately 300 meters of wall, transforming the ugly entrance.