Children’s art is unique and has the potential to be held in reverence within the fine art community. By providing children with the best materials and a safe space for creativity, children produce art that holds its own on the walls of homes and galleries. Luc from Flowers for Africa has curated numerous exhibitions in Africa and the Middle East showcasing artwork produced by children, the proceeds of which have been used to sustain future projects.

Uninhibitedness’, Flowers for Africa
Artwork by children from Northern Cape, Western Cape, South Africa

In 2019, Flowers for Africa facilitated a number of mural painting projects with children in Northern Cape and Western Cape, during which children also had the opportunity to express themselves on a giant canvas. A selection of these canvases became the ‘Uninhibitedness’ exhibition held at a gallery in Cape Town at the end of 2019. The proceeds of the canvas sales were used to fund further mural projects.

‘Colours of Resilience’ APTart Artwork by children from Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan

As part of the work done by APTart (‘Awareness & Prevention Through Art) to provide creative outlets through public art for children in Zaatari refugee camp, Luc facilitated workshops for children to create artworks using paint and charcoal on tent canvases. These formed part of an international exhibition shown in Jordan, Germany and France among others to raise awareness about the situation faced by refugee children and funds to buy art supplies for subsequent projects.