We specialise in public art, from commercial murals to community-involved workshops. We will tailor a project to realise your vision, empower a local community or beautify a space.

Our services include:


Quotation to match your specified budget

Research and creative design


Visibility provided through photography and videography

We also create 2D animations and picture books to help you to effectively communicate your idea to the public.


“Intruder” is a book published in Zaatari, a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan. It’s now serving its purpose of assisting hygiene promoters in educating the children of the camp. We have translated it back to South African English/slang for you to read.


These posters were created for ACTED, an organisation responsible for educating the residents of the refugee camp on proper hygiene and water conservation.


We were commissioned to do an explainer video for this interesting concept that has the potential to change many lives.

This animation was commissioned to convey a philosophy for a community development method called ABCD or Asset Based Community- Lead Development. This animation is now used in universities across the globe as part of a curriculum in community development.

This animation was created to clearly convey a project concept. Most of the illustrations were made by two young orphans.