Community uplifting projects

In 2016, a non-profit organization was founded to give children the opportunity to paint, be creative, grow and have a positive impact on their surroundings. The painting workshops are a significant life event that creates a positive and lasting effect on a child’s self-esteem, supporting many additional facets of their development.

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Positive change through children.

Children’s natural curiosity and optimism makes them effective messengers to implement real, lasting and positive change in communities. At a certain age, children are also at their most creative, with an unstoppable urge to express their understanding of the world- to paint what they learn, feel and experience.

All children are artists. As Pablo Picasso tells us, ‘The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.’

The hundreds of murals created through workshops express an innocence and playfulness that can’t help but positively impact their immediate environments. Each child is involved in a great challenge – not only painting a mural much larger than themselves, but improving their community.

Achieving this makes other challenges seem less daunting and ultimate success more tangible. It also excites and uplifts the community as a whole. As a result, the impact of each workshop stretches far beyond the initial three days.

The Impact of Murals

Luc’s choice of murals over other mediums can be likened to why corporate and consumer brands use billboards: Murals don’t go away. They endure as a constant reminder of the accomplishments, capabilities and voice of a community and its most precious asset: Its children.

Because murals are large and are created in public spaces, they have a bigger audience and a greater influence on a community’s overall atmosphere as well. The artists are also left with a greater sense of achievement when their neighbours walk past their artworks each day.