Freelance Social Artist

Luc van der Walt is a freelance artist with years of expertise in the field of social artistry and is the founder of art2uplift.org. His focus is the creation of large-scale public art installations designed and painted by the disenfranchised children of communities in need of upliftment.

Luc has experience working with non-governmental community development and humanitarian organizations across refugee camps and conflict areas in Africa and the Middle East, using art to promote their cause. Check out some of his past projects.

Community murals

Facilitating local community members in the creation of their own masterpiece is Luc’s specialty as a social artist. As a result, the participants develop skills as well as self-esteem, and the community as a whole takes ownership of the content. The finished murals become community-upliftment billboards, attracting attention and giving a voice to the community as a whole.

Each child is entrusted with 100% of their mural’s creation, boosting their self-esteem and inspiring their communities to develop from within.


Luc’s vision is to work alongside organisations and institutions to create larger and more far-reaching projects. He also sees opportunity for greater public awareness of important social issues by showcasing these site-specific pieces through photography exhibitions and canvas paintings created by the children he works with.

Want to collaborate? Contact Luc to learn more.

You won’t find his works on the walls of galleries or sold in craft shops. Instead, his canvas is the walls of some of South Africa’s poorest communities, helping children to use the power of art to uplift those who need it most.