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Testimonial :

To whom it may concern,

We have worked with Kim and Luc on a high impact social development project in Salt River, Cape Town, South Africa. We collaborated on a Unicef, Progress, Baz-Arts, community project in which a piece of land that had been used as a dumping ground and drug den for forty years. We transformed two out of three pieces of land into a community food garden, and children’s play area, within twelve days. Kim and Luc headed up community engagement and facilitation, to empower the local community to create artwork on the walls and encompassing structure of their newly built space. The project was a huge success, with the local community expressing the fact that we had collectively made local history, with the feeling of hope as a result.

This team are two of the most professional, inclusive and forward-thinking arts team, that we have ever worked with, and we have been doing this exact style of programme for seventeen years. Their eye for detail, in regards of working with children and the local community in general is impeccable. We have been so enamoured by the results of co-production that we will working with them on a scale up of global project, starting within the next months, starting Africa.

They are an asset anyone that they work with an, it’s an absolute pleasure to work them, and see the incredible results. Their work is the epitome of empowerment, and creativity.