Flowers for Africa works with children to create impressive public art that empowers the young artists and brings lasting positive change to communities. Our experienced facilitators fully engage young people to create beautiful murals to support educational and therapeutic interventions.

Our unique methodology uses a structured approach to working with children to fulfill their highest potential, while training local community members to continue using this method into the future. We work closely with organizations to tailor this approach according to needs.

Our previous work includes promoting hygiene and sanitation among children in Syrian refugee camps, facilitating transformational dialogue on racism in Jordan, empowering street children in the Democratic Republic of Congo and promoting community cohesion in various projects across South Africa.

Drawing on over a decade of experience, Flowers for Africa has developed the following principles for lasting positive change:

Children are the best entry points for creating lasting change in communities. Young people in difficult circumstances haven’t yet been fully influenced by their environment, and there are huge opportunities to add positively to their realities. Constructive input given early to young minds creates huge impact. Working sensitively with children is well received by communities, and children’s art has a profound effect on the community psyche.

Learning is easy when self-esteem is high. When we feel good about ourselves, the way we view and interact with the world changes as well. Empowering children within safe boundaries to make something that impresses even themselves elevates them psychologically, creating engaged and receptive minds that are open to learning. Giving children the responsibility to communicate with their communities through their murals strengthens the learning process.

Leaving communities with impactful, lasting art. Children are extremely capable and overflowing with joyful, creative ideas just waiting to be tapped into. With skilled facilitation, we’ve seen children create mind-blowing murals that beautify public spaces. What’s more, our approach leaves trained community facilitators to replicate the process into the future, keeping children firmly at the centre.