The project that is currently realizing Luc’s vision for is Flowers for Africa, a painting workshop that is positively impacting children and their communities in some of the most neglected areas of South Africa.

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These structured workshops can accommodate approximately 40 children between the ages of six and 12. Over the course of three days, each child who participates paints a flower bigger than themselves on one of the walls in their community.

A vibrant team of community members and volunteers assist the children, and the final day each child fills the centre of their flower with images and messages to get them to think about solutions to challenges or problems they or their communities are facing.

The Power of Flowers

Flowers for Africa is named for the large flowers that each child is tasked with painting. Flowers are easy for children to paint, and yet each flower produced is unique and expresses the individual nature and creativity of the child who paints it.

On a symbolic level, flowers are universally positive and represent new beginnings, evoking a feeling of optimism. The middle of the flower is also an ideal space for children to paint messages and pictures about their life experiences and subjects they have been educated on, giving the entire workshop a strong therapeutic and educational foundation.

The future success of this powerful project is in the hands of volunteers and supporters. Join us!